It’s about democracy. It’s about justice. It’s about time.

Columbia to Savannah 005We’re headed to the  Historic Penn Center, on St. Helena Island (near Beaufort) S.C. October 3-4 for the annual statewide meeting of the S.C. Progressive Network. In May ‘o9 we had good conversations with Brett Bursey, Becci Robins, John Dawkins, who serves on the board of the SC Pride Movement and Roger Finch  in the S.C. Pro Net office in Columbia, S.C. We’re eager to meet and network with other members of this dynamic group that has been holding S.C. accountable on issues of justice and peace for decades.   Bret has his roots in the Civil Rights movement and has quite a history of activism. He was instrumental in opening the dialogue on racial issues in S.C. and in 1969, as a student leader at USC, played a major role in the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse dome.  Columbia to Savannah 102

In the South, movement building is about relationships. We know our weekend with our Carolina cousins will be time well spent. 

As War Resisters League/Asheville, we’re going as ambassadors from North Carolina bringing with us information from activists and organizations we are meeting as we travel throughout the Southeast.

We are particularly interested in the Nuclearization of the South, the conversion of the Palmetto State to the Plutonium State, and the all too common environmental racism of “Dumping in Dixie.”  

North and South Carolina share many things, including the Broad River watershed which houses a cluster of coalfired and nuclear power plants. We’ll be networking with others this weekend looking for creative tactics to resist the use of South Carolina as the nation’s radioactive waste dump now that the proposed Yucca Mountain, Nevada site will not be used.

As we move back out across the Southeast, keep up with our journeys in our next round of posts, and mark your calendars for an important gathering of Southeast Activists Dec.31-Jan 3 and Alternative New Year’s and S.E. War Tax Resistance gathering at the Kings Bay, Georigia, Trident Nuclear Submarine base.


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  1. Brett Bursey on

    Thanks for the post about the retreat and the kind words.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Penn Center.

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