WRL Asheville stands with Veterans for Peace to call for an immediate end to the epidemic of rape of U.S. women soldiers by their male colleagues.

This is torture and terror for our women soldiersVFP Vance5

Studies show that one in three women soldiers are raped by male colleagues while in the military.  Most rapes go unreported.

For information and action ideas go to the Veterans for Peace website.  Truth in Recruiting should include information from the study. Women must be warned not to enlist.

 Photo: WRL-Asheville’s Coleman Smith holds banner he crafted  for Military Rape Awareness Week. Vance Monument, ASheville, NC


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  1. ashley on

    women soldiers should not be scared to fight for there country because the man they work with want to be dogs they should fight for what the believe in…….WOMEN HAVE GREAT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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