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We Are All Part of One Another

In 1967, Barbara Deming received the annual Peace Award of the War Resisters League

Here is an excerpt that is particularly apt at a time when so many among us are in jails and prisons for our nonviolent dissent. Standing together is sometimes hard. But we must.

“I feel very strongly that in the days ahead of us, unless a very great many of us move from words to acts–from words of dissent to acts of disobedience–we are going to have no effect at all upon our government’s policy,no effect in halting the terrible momentum of this war.  If we do become more bold, and therefore more effective, I think it is fair to predict that our government will, in turn, move more boldily to discourage us.  And then if we do not all stand together, helping always whomever is singled out for punishment, our effectiveness will end.

To stand together is going to be hard. Our movement is composed of all kinds of groups and all kinds of individuals. It is certain that many of us will make all kinds of mistakes. It will become very tempting to wish that this group or that group, this individual or that individual, were simply not among us.  My particular plea is that we not surrender to this temptation. We must certainly be frank with each other when we disagree, but my plea is that we not begin to be afraid of any of us and, in a panic, try to wish any of us out of the picture.  We will need every one of us. We are all part of one another…” 

Barbara Deming, Published in Liberation, May-June 1967.

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S.E. War Tax Resisters gather with Alternative New Years


ALTERNATIVE NEW YEAR & S.E. WAR TAX RESISTANCE Gatherings —THURS DEC 31 -Sun. Jan. 3, 2010, Crooked River State Park, St. Mary’s, Georgia

Alternative New Years: A gathering of the peace community featuring a midnight vigil at the gates of Kings Bay Trident Nuclear submarine base (THURS) & a day of workshops, panels & networking (FRI). Join us as we call for nuclear disarmament, recreate & reenergize to work for peace & nonviolence in the coming year! Contact us to reserve a bed at a state park cottage. Nearby nature trails, Cumberland Island, kayaking.

SOUTHEAST WAR TAX RESISTERS’: First ever collaboration of Southeast Regional War Tax Resisters with other S.E. Anti-war, Social and Environmental Justice activists at the Alternative New Year’s (2009-10) gathering. Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning dedicated to networking, practical WTR workshops, storytelling, skills sharing, education and counseling on ways to resist war by withholding war taxes.


Register online by clicking on the link below!  Alternatively, you can contact David Matos, 803-215-3263; Coleman Smith, 828-301-6683; or email Dave at or Coleman Smith & Clare Hanrahan at

 The two nearest motels are: Cumberland King Bay Lodges (912-882-8900) and Cumberland Island Inn & Suites (912-882-6250). Additional motels at I-95, Exit 3. Campsites also available through Crooked River State Park

David Matos, Lead Organizer, Alternative New Year, VIA EMAIL (thru TUES Dec 29): ; Coleman Smith & Clare Hanrahan, Lead Organizers for  WRL Asheville & WTR S.E. Gathering: VIA EMAIL (thru TUES Dec 29):

VIA MAIL (thru MON Dec 21): David Matos, 707 Palm Dr., Aiken, SC 29803 or Coleman Smith, 78 Rhododendron Dr., Arden, NC 28704.

CALL IF YOUHAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Dave: 803-215-3263; coleman: 828.301-6683


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